I am referring to the SF book I’ve almost finished. I thought it was ready, and, you know, just needed an editor to correct those mistakes I had not seen. Right?

Yeah, right. 

I used an online software that spots repeated words etc. And much to my horror, discovered that the entire manuscript needs to be analysed and corrected again. There are so many adverbs in there. I thought I had avoided them and the entire manuscript is adverb-infested. And all those sentences that make no sense now that I reread them. And so many needless dialogue verbs. And so on, and so on. Come, let’s make a toast to the god Arghhhh. AAAARGGHHHH!

The best part? Oh, the fact that the free online software can’t take more than 1000 words of text every time, and I have to copy-paste-correct 107.000 words bit by bit. I can’t really describe my excitement.

Send me nutella, chocolate and protein. Do not cry for me. I will see this through and finish the third season of The Walking Dead after I am done as a reward.

With that said, there goes March.

Oh, and here is the software link, in case you need it and want to join me in depression:


The software, together with some hilarious and excellent writing advice, was found here:


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