Ahem… Because I have been busy and lazy, I got no editing done. But! According to my natal chart, here is my compatibility with…

Benedict Cumberbatch: 39.50%

*Prods it with a stick. Viciously. When she’s completely certain it’s dead, bursts into tears.* 

Ian Somerhalder: 50.51%

Um. Maybe it was a good idea he got married. 

Chris Hemsworth: 55.06%

Meh. Could be better. 

Carl Jung: 61.94%

Better. Not ideal, but certainly better. If he wasn’t dead, I would have given it a try. 

Alan Rickman: 70.71%

I love this man. I do. He’s one of my vices. And I have many, for my head is like a sieve. Multifaceted and air-conditioned. 

Bill Kaulitz: 88.45%

No, you didn’t see this. It was a mistake. I meant someone else from six years ago. I really did.

Marcus Aurelius: 89.82% 

My darling. We’re only some centuries apart, but love will conquer all.

Robert Downey Jr: 91.64%

It’s not hot in here. It’s definitely me. *fans herself*

Neil Gaiman: 99.40%   

No comment. Absolutely. No. Comment.

Keanu Reeves: 112.48%

What?! He was my teenage crush! I deserve to know!!!


Now that we covered the matter of my future boyfriend, someone is going back to editing, or she’ll have her butt kicked. Enough excitement for one night.


Here is the site these results come from, to have some fun yourselves.

Scroll down and go to Free Astrology (left bar as you scroll down), Astrology and Compatibility, Astrological Affinities: Celestar. Have fun! 🙂