I am always wary of the classics. Most of the time I don’t like them. Here is a classic:

The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut (1 star out of 5)*
This is a good book that unfortunately lost me after the first 100 pages. Up to that point I had loved it to bits. I didn’t like the direction the plot took after the hero’s departure and didn’t care about any of the following events. The developments and the characters failed to keep my interest; the story didn’t ‘speak’ to me anymore. Also, the treatment of the characters made me feel very depressed.

I read it all the way to the end, hoping it would be salvaged, but it wasn’t. The language is very good and the author makes some excellent observations on human nature and religion. The book is also quite funny at parts. I guess it just didn’t do it for me.
Just as I am wary of the classics, I am also wary of the Paranormal Romance genre… Again, most of the time I don’t like books of that genre.
Kresley Cole: Dreams of a Dark Warrior (2 stars out of 5, did not finish)*
Interesting and funny at parts, but not really my cup of tea. Too wordy and fluffy for me. However, I am sure that paranormal romance fans will love it.
*My star rating and what it means: 
Zero stars: Why me?!?  I do come across books that aren’t really books, but brain damage in disguise. For reasons you can all understand, I won’t be publishing reviews on them. I tend to become enraged and say things I later on regret.
One star: Meh… I didn’t like it and won’t be keeping it. It might be the book, or it might be me. I’ll try to clarify in my review.
Two stars: Average/ Okay. Either the kind of light/ undemanding book you read and don’t remember in a month, or suffering from flaws that prevented it from realising its potential.
Three stars: Better than average. Good moments, memorable characters and/ or plot, maybe good sense of humour… Not to die for, but not feeling like you wasted your time and money either.
Four stars: Wow, that was good! Definitely keeping it and checking to see what else I can buy from the same writer.
Five stars: Oh. My. Goodness. The kind of book you buy as a gift to all your friends, praise to random strangers on the bus, and re-read until the pages fall out and the corners are no longer corners, but round.